Research Experience for Undergraduates

Our Lab welcomes motivated undergraduate students of diverse backgrounds who want to engage in research. As a member of Rosetta Commons, a consortium of 57 academic laboratories world-wide, our Lab has hosted multiple undergraduate students in a competitive summer research internship program. The students get hands-on training in the computational modeling suite Rosetta, then perform a 9-week internship on a representative project relevant to our research in Molecular Immunology. Finally, they present their research together with students from other labs at the annual meeting of the Rosetta Community in Seattle.

This activity is sponsored by the National Science Foundation through program 1659649: “A Cyberlinked Program in Computational Biomolecular Structure & Design.” (Jeffrey J. Gray (P.I.) 4/15/2017-4/14/2020)

For more information, please follow this link and watch this video.

Female and underrepresented minority students are welcome to apply.

The Sgourakis lab has provided me the tools and the confidence to pursue a career in research and medicine. The skills, training, and support I received allowed me to become an independent scientist and delve into complex projects. I was allowed and even pushed to develop my own hypothesis and experiments that would follow to answer difficult questions. Without a doubt, I would not be where I am today, pursuing a dual MD/PhD degree without my experiences in the Sgourakis Lab.

Joey Toor, Neuroscience major & Koret Scholar, UCSC ’18, MD/PhD student Wayne State University

During my experience in the Sgourakis Lab, I aimed to improve existing methods for modeling peptide-MHC-I complexes with Rosetta and search for public neoepitopes. Inspired from the research and mentorship here, I have decided to pursue an interdisciplinary Ph.D. in Biophysics, combining my passions for both physical biochemistry and protein modeling.

Hailey Wallace, Biochemistry major with a minor in physics, North Carolina State University

My internship at the Sgourakis lab was key in my exploration of biochemistry and biophysics research. I learned cutting edge techniques, was involved the full progression of a project, and even become an author of a publication. Professionally, it gave me an opportunity to gain ownership of my work and opened the door to present my findings at several conferences across the country. 
It was challenging and growing. In addition to learning, the experience also yielded great relationships with Dr. Sgourakis and the lab, who have provided immense support as I forge my career in medicine and research. Above all these things, knowing I contributed to real solutions for patients, even before earning my degree, made the experience truly rewarding!

Karissa Yamaguchi, Biochemistry and Genetics major, University Honors, Texas A&M University ’19